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Feb. 9, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI Industry Lecture Series: Driving Innovation in IoT Ecosystems through Human-Centered Design will feature three speakers who will focus on the impact of the "internet of things" on the elderly, agriculture and smart cities. The talks are free and open to the public.

The first lecture will be presented Feb. 13 by Susann Keohane, global research leader for the aging initiative at IBM, speaking on "Design and the Longevity Economy." For the first time in history, people over the age of 65 will outnumber children under 5 years old. Elder care, and specifically aging in place, is a trillion-dollar-a-year driver of the global health care industry. Keohane will talk about how IBM is leveraging its capabilities in artificial intelligence and the internet of things to develop strategies and design technologies for nonintrusive in-home care, helping seniors achieve personal freedom while respecting their digital dignity.

Keohane's talk will be delivered at 4:30 p.m. in Room 152 of the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex building, 535 W. Michigan St.

Brad Fruth, of Beck's Hybrids, will deliver his talk March 27 on "The Collision of Agriculture, Technology and Sensors." Fruth, an information systems manager, focuses on delivering the successful convergence of information technology, data and precision agriculture. He sees increased access to rural broadband and focused collaboration across various sectors as key initiatives to bridging the gap between technology and agriculture for the American farmer.

Fruth's talk will take place at 5 p.m. in Room 252 of the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex Building, 535 W. Michigan St.

Former Indianapolis mayor Stephen Goldsmith will follow with his lecture on April 3. He will address the rapid evolution of "smart cities" and the use of technologies to connect people, communities and governmental systems. Goldsmith's two-hour talk will be presented at 5 p.m. in Room 252 of the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex Building, 535 W. Michigan St.

The talks are being delivered in conjunction with a School of Informatics and Computing class, Internet of Things (IoT) Interface Design for Business Innovation . This spring, representatives of IBM, Beck's Hybrids and the City of Rushville are visiting the class, sharing industry knowledge and critiquing student research projects.

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Rich Schneider

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For evangelicals, Trump's hard right line on Israel and machinations against Iran make him an instrument of the endtimes.

March 1, 2018 | Chalayan Woman Openknit Sweater Charcoal Size M Hussein Chalayan Clearance Low Cost VmfOnH

Originally in Foreign Policy In Focus


Ivan Serra / Flickr

Welcome back, Gog and Magog. I can’t say that I’ve missed you.

You might remember the Gog and Magog story from 2003, when George W. Bush was making plans to invade Iraq and assembling a “coalition of the willing.” French President Jacques Chirac was quite unwilling, so Bush went to great lengths to break down his resistance.

As part of this wooing of Chirac, Bush referred to the Biblical prophecies regarding Gog and Magog that suggested to some evangelicals that the end times were approaching in the Middle East.

Chirac had to consult a theologian to find out what Bush was going on about. Gog, Chirac was told, is the leader of Magog, and Magog is the enemy. A war involving Gog and Magog would basically trigger the apocalypse. Because the Bible was not precise in its predictions, Magog could be anyone or anything: Satan, Muslims, even (for Chirac) a poorly executed soufflé.

Bush, however, had a much more precise interpretation in mind: Saddam Hussein was Gog, and the call had gone out to rally the forces of good for a grand showdown. Chirac, who
, was taken aback at Bush’s religious fanaticism.

A number of U.S. officials around Bush, including diplomat Kurt Volker, have Low Shipping Fee Online Fashionable For Sale cropped trousers White Guild Prime Sale Best Nicekicks Online uDuL97jFr
the story. But even if Bush himself didn’t indulge in such millenarian fantasies, there were plenty of evangelicals in his circles who did have an impact on U.S. foreign policy. Over the years, Washington has identified plenty of Magogs and set out to topple nearly as many Gogs, always with the certainty of having Mens Hooded Sweat Hoodie Fruit Of The Loom Inexpensive Online Marketable Cheap Online ofvv3

Indeed, the U.S. role in the realization of God’s plans on Earth has been a leitmotif of American foreign policy since the days of John Winthrop and his assertion of the new colony in the Massachusetts Bay as the future “city on the hill.” It is a foundation stone of American exceptionalism. It is a contributing factor to this country’s recurrent xenophobia.

But the application of Biblical prophecy to the geopolitics of the Middle East is something more recent.

Late, Not So Great

The publication of Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth in 1970 brought the wild predictions of end-times fundamentalists to the mass market. Issued by Bantam Books in 1970, Lindsey’s book started a cottage industry of pseudo-scholars combing through the Bible for clues to deciphering the puzzle of Middle Eastern politics.

Sheena Schleicher

Love it. This brings human relationships into the mix. Even with data-driven projects, the ‘passion + skill + empathy’ formula is what turns an expected success into something groundbreaking. Serendipitous marketing investments focus on bringing something of true value to an audience, regardless of the return. Putting people first will always win.

Andreas Becker

nice topic and again that great shirt. 20% is a lot for a non measureable marketing :) and ok you measure how much time and money you are investing in an unmeasurable plan - cool. Usually we think about it in breaks and than start it or not - but have it on the plan is a interesting point.

TGIF from a stormy and white germany...

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Creating quality visual assets surely help as anybody might use it for personal purpose and give linkback to your site in terms of image credit, etc.

one more point sir that getting your product/services introduced in an off-topic conference might help you to get some potential clients but it might not be valuable for the conference and present people. anyhow it's good to try out and not leave any stone unturned that can help you to achieve the goal.

Nice to see you rand after two whiteboard Fridays with a great topic and explanation.


I love your Venn diagram. Reminds me of Jim Collins (www.jimcollins.com) and his 'Hedgehog Concept' what am I good at, what do my customers want, what do my market contemporaries struggle at? Very informative Rand, keep Mozzing!

It's difficult to pull the trigger and invest in 'serendipity marketing' as it's so tough to track those investments

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That's correct Dubs, but being in business necessitates measured risk-taking, so you kinda have to pull the trigger. It's not quite 'suck it and see' because you always go into things eyes wide open. Measurability can be a restriction as much as a facilitator when looking at business growth and development.

I agree there is a cost of business especially when looking to grow a business. The 'measurability' can be a major restriction


I'm curious how you deal with the architect, if he is heading up a project with people who are senior to him in non-serendipitous projects. Or, if the architect has a fantastic serendipitous idea for X dept, but he's in Y dept and will be directly "stepping on the toes" of someone else? I've seen these problems come up a lot with these types of projects, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Besides having a fantastic company culture, do you have any suggestions to deal with these kinds of problems?

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